Personal Information and Privacy

In order to function and communicate, Conway Tennis Club needs to collect and use personal information. The use made of information depends on whether you interact with us as a Club member/player, volunteer, coach/official, user of our website or in some other way.

The kind of information we need to collect

The Club needs to have members’ names and contact details (home and/or business address, email address and telephone number); parents’ or guardians’ contact details for junior members; records of communications; basic biographical information including date of birth and bank account details (where used for accepting or making payments).
In addition, the Club may need the following information:

  • British Tennis Membership details (including BTM number with start/expiry dates);
  • Rankings, ratings and competitions entered;
  • Ballot entry or ticket information for Wimbledon and, possibly, other major events;
  • Records of voluntary activity such as role(s), length of service and awards;
  • Disciplinary and safeguarding information, where relevant;
  • Information submitted through our website – for example, messages, enquiries and completed forms giving views or preferences.

If you do not provide us with certain personal information, that may limit the services we can offer.

How the information is collected

We may gather information in various ways, including:

  • directly from you – for example when you apply for Membership, buy products or services (including tickets), attend events, enter a competition, provide coaching or officiating services, offer voluntary support or make enquiries on our website;
  • from someone acting on your behalf – for example when a parent or guardian has provided information about you;
  • rarely, from others (for example, where a complaint is made which we have to investigate);
  • by creating it ourselves, for example when we produce match and league reports.

We may retain personal information for as long as necessary to meet the purposes set out in this notice and/or the Club’s other reasonable requirements.

How the information is used

Compliance with legal obligations. The Club sometimes has to use personal information to meet legal obligations. Examples include complying with health and safety legislation, performing DBS checks on coaches, officials and volunteers (where relevant) for safeguarding purposes,

Legitimate interests. The Club may also have ‘legitimate interest’ in using information: for example, in organising competitions and publishing results. The Club always considers whether its interests could be overridden by the interests of the individuals concerned and decides whether the usage is fair and reasonable.

Consent. The Club may also use your personal information on the basis of consent – for example, in communications about services offered

Special cases. The Club may need to provide information to other legitimate bodies, for example, to protect Club property or rights, to provide medical care, to monitor equal opportunities or to undertake other enquiries to which you have agreed.

Personal information collected and processed by the Club may be shared with the following recipients where necessary:

  • someone acting formally on your behalf (for example a parent or guardian who has purchased British Tennis Membership for you as their child);
  • organisers and officials for competitions you are taking part in;
  • other groups/projects supported by the Club to which you have offered voluntary support;
  • county or national associations, (for example, in order to resolve an issue you have raised);
  • The All England Lawn Tennis Club (from which the LTA and thence the Club receives an annual allocation of Wimbledon tickets);
  • the Disclosure and Barring Service and related safeguarding bodies (for criminal records checks on coaches and others where relevant), the police and other relevant authorities.

How the Club’s Website Operates

If you use the Club’s website, your computer may receive information in the form of an Internet ‘cookie’. The cookies used by the Club are Google analytics designed to help us understand how the Club’s website it used, while anonymising personal information. The cookies are stored on your computer but, should your computer return a cookie, it would contain no information about you.

What you can expect from the Club

The Club will treat personal information with respect and care. You may ask the Club to:

  • show you any personal information it holds about you;
  • correct your personal information if it is incorrect;
  • agree not to use your personal data in future for particular purposes.

If you would like to make any such request, write to the Club using the contact details below. Note that the Club may be entitled (or required) to refuse requests in certain circumstances.
If you are unhappy with the way your personal information is being used, you can complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). You can find out more about your rights under data protection legislation from the Office website at

Contact us

If you have any queries, contact us by email ( or by post (Chair or Communications Manager, Conway Tennis Club, 93 Conway Road, Southgate, London N14 9BD).