Outreach Programme

Conway LTC is committed to creating an inclusive community, with a Tennis for All approach as far as our resources will allow.

Working with The Community Hub

Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust, in what might be a unique outreach programme - starting with a pilot for six weeks running tennis and fitness sessions to support people in the North London community. The Hub's Lead therapist tells us:

"Our service experiences high levels of obesity and general poor physical health management. Having been given the opportunity to work collaboratively with Conway Tennis Club, service users are able to be outside exercising, following a fitness plan tailored to their ability, with a trained coach. In addition, sessions provide the opportunity to develop tennis skills, to try a new activity, and to explore a new social environment. This helps to develop a better sense of self, building confidence and self-esteem, supporting low mood and anxiety and giving an added purpose to the week.  We have had positive feedback from our service users regarding the six-week tennis programme, and sessions are for all abilities, meaning it is extremely inclusive and accessible for our client group. We hope to be able to continue working closely with the tennis club in supporting the recovery and rehabilitation of service users."

Welcoming Refugee Children to our Junior coaching sessions

Conway LTC offers free attendance and participation for children of Ukrainian refugees. One of the attendees was 3 year old Borys - his mother wrote to us:

"I'd like to thank you, Anna, Corina, Izabela, Ricky and of course Borys's favourite tennis coach Tobi, and everyone at the Coway Tennis Club from the bottom of my heart for your support, I can't find the words to express my gratitude, it means so much! Could you please share this with everyone?

Over these past 3 months I've experienced, and felt, and learnt more than in all my (almost) 40 years. And with all the unspeakable monstrosity that is happening to my home and Ukrainian people, the fear for my relatives and friends and the rage I feel for our assailants to the point when it actually hurts, the compassion and selflessness, the kindness, benevolence and honorability of the people I have met in the UK and Poland, people who've opened their hearts, their homes to us - is what makes me cry. Our guardian angel must have been working overtime non-stop for us to have met so many wonderful people along our journey.

We plan to stay here, in Kendal now, until going back to Ukraine would be safe for my son (which unfortunately I can't see happening soon). If you are ever in the Lake District, we would love for you to visit us. We'll never forget your support and kindness."

Warmest regards,
Olga and Borys

Primary School Children's Sessions 

Conway hosts twice weekly term time sessions for a local primary school, often seeing 30 or more students at a time, with several coaches and assistants to help.

Past Initiative: Tennis sessions for people with learning needs

We ran weekly tennis sessions geared towards adults and young people with a learning disability, with tennis based ball and racket skills, fitness and fun games.

We welcome ideas and initiatives from members and the general public on how we can continue to develop our Tennis for All ethos.