Winter Leagues at Conway LTC

We know there is a lot of interest in playing for teams so we would like to let you all know who the captains are for each team. If you would like to put your name forward for a team this winter, please let us know.

  • Ladies 1st Team – Eileen Hulse
  • Ladies 2nd Team – Angela Crome
  • Ladies 3rd Team – Mary Weller
  • Ladies 4th Team – Mary Weller
  • Men’s 5th Team – Keith Weller
  • Men’s 4th Team – Nitin Shah
  • Men’s 3rd Team – Brendan Flynn
  • Men’s 2nd Team – Ashley Pereira
  • Men’s 1st Team – Philip Sheffield
  • Mixed 1st Team – Emma Harverson
  • Mixed 2nd Team – Philip Sheffield
  • Mixed 3rd Team – Keith/Mary
  • Vets Team – Keith Weller
  • Middlesex Cup Team – Emma Harverson

All Floodlit league matches and Vets matches have four players. The Middlesex Cup has six.

We are planning to have a lot of matches on Friday evenings and look forward to seeing members on a regular basis to support and enjoy the club. Mondays and Thursday will also be used from time to time.

Please get in the habit of checking the club diary on the website to check whether there is a match on if you are intending to play socially.

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