Wimbledon tickets 2017 – important

The Wimbledon ticket allocation to each tennis club has previously reflected the number of club members with British Tennis Membership (BTM). However, ticket allocations now depend on how many club members register interest with the LTA. Conway LTC therefore needs every member, adult and junior, to opt in to the ballot and to be affiliated to Conway LTC. Note that you are required to do this each year, even if you have previously opted-in.
It’ll take just minutes. Please do it. Even if you can’t go or don’t even want to go, you will  give other Conway members a better chance by increasing our allocation.
Here’s the method. If you have trouble, contact any Committee member and they’ll be glad to help.
  1. Dig out your (and family members’) BTM numbers and go to www.lta.org.uk
  2. Top right on the home page you’ll see the words ‘Log-in ‘ – click here
  3. If you’ve already registered, log in with your user name and password
  4. If you’ve not registered, click on ‘create a login‘, fill in the (short) form and click ‘Next
  5. Under the picture of Centre Court (righthand side) click on ‘opt in or out of the Wimbledon ballot
  6. The next page contains options. Please click the last box to opt in to the Wimbledon ballot
  7. Repeat the process for each family member with a BTM.
  8. Please also take a moment to check your club affiliation as this is how tickets are allocated. We need as many Conway members as possible. In ‘manage your account’ check that under ‘My Tennis Venues‘ that Conway appears in the drop down list
Thank you, and good luck in the draw if you decide to enter.
Conway Committee.
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