Latest Update (01 May 2020)

Dear Conway Member,

Firstly, we hope you, your friends and your families are safe, well and managing these challenging times.

When I wrote to you last month, it was to inform you that the committee had decided to suspend all membership subscriptions for the meantime, and this is to reinforce that message that no payment is expected until it’s safe to reopen our Club facilities.

We were glad to receive several thanks from members for taking that decision.

Your membership is valued, and we want to support the Club community as best we can. Only when play is again possible, will the Club set rates (reduced) for the rest of the year.

Meantime, the Committee has been meeting virtually, and will keep working to ensure your Club stays in top shape, with repairs, maintenance and renovations planned, where these can be safely undertaken, exploring options for a fourth floodlit court, and applying for grants as opportunities arise.

We are also going to hold a virtual quiz evening, details to follow.

So, Conway Lawn Tennis Club is alive and well, albeit on a more remote footing. We’ll post news on our website and message regularly to keep everyone informed.

Stay in touch. We look forward keenly to the day when the fresh Conway air is filled once more with the sounds of your serves, double backhanded cross court drives, lobs, volleys, spins, line calls and (more rarely) of a ball dropping into the pond.

We hope, too, you are finding practical ways to exercise and socialise without access to our lovely courts and Clubhouse.

Stay healthy and fit,

Best wishes

Graham Sievers
Conway LTC Committee


These are difficult times and we are determined to do all we can to keep our members safe. Things are happening very quickly, so please read, and act, on the information below – it is important. If you think your friends or family may not pick this up, please let them know.

Update (24 March 2020)

Our courts are now closed until further notice.

It is with great regret that we feel compelled to close the courts of Conway LTC until further notice. It is clear from the Prime Minister’s address last night that we need to take this drastic action.

The LTA has not been 100% clear on this yet as there seemed to be leeway for families but it is the committees view that we need to be seen to be acting responsibly as a club to the wider community around the club.

We very much hope that this will be a short closure and hope to see EVERY member back on court in full health as soon as possible.

With very best wishes,
Conway LTC Committee

Update (21 March 2020)

Clubhouse is closed until further notice.

Sorry, Conway Members, this advice comes from the LTA after today’s Government statements. Courts can still be used during daylight hours, provided players practice social distancing (2m apart and no contact) and hygiene precautions. So, use your own rackets and tennis balls (preferably new), don’t touch your face, and wash your hands thoroughly at home before and after playing. The LTA also says don’t change ends during play.

For coaching information, contact our Head Coach Steve Baldwin.

Advice issued (20 March 2020)

To all our Conway Members Please follow the Government’s announcements on Coronavirus closely and remain aware that the situation is changing very quickly. Social gatherings are firmly discouraged, though taking exercise at a distance from others is currently regarded as acceptable  Please interpret everything below in that light and err on the side of caution. You may be wondering whether it’s wise to play tennis at the moment. The main points from current LTA advice to clubs are summarised below. Our coaches will be well aware of advice aimed specifically at them. You can find further information and updates on the LTA website at You will want to decide, given these precautions, whether playing is appropriate for you at the moment.

Take care and stay healthy.

LTA Advice

Tennis is a sport with many benefits, not least its contribution to health and wellbeing. While the LTA has suspended organised activity, including inter-club matches, the Government currently advises that physical exercise that takes place at a good distance from others and in safe environments is something that can continue at this time. The LTA notes that the Dept of Culture, Media and Sport says tennis is a good example of social distancing in sport, and should be encouraged as long as guidance permits.

If you wish to continue tennis activity, here are some practical suggestions to help you to operate in line with the Government’s advice:

  • Adopt low player-to-court ratios, particularly singles or individual coaching. The LTA says doubles play is also acceptable, though greater care must clearly be taken to follow the Government’s advised social distancing measures 
  • Avoid close proximity when exchanging tennis balls, giving or receiving feedback or resting
  • Ensure no physical contact between players during warm-ups or games
  • Minimise social activity around the courts or Clubhouse. Government advice is spend less than 15 minutes in conversation and to keep at least 2 metres apart. 

Adopt best hygiene practice, especially before and after sessions, including:

  • Wash/gel hands before and after a tennis session – and during, if you take a break 
  • Clean and wipe down equipment, including rackets. Do not share rackets
  • Use your own tennis balls or new balls where possible, keeping the number small. Do not leave used balls on court.
  • Touch balls as little as possible; avoid touching your face between hand-washes
  • Stay outside as much as you can
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