Aced it! MP swaps the Commons for the courts

Aced it! MP swaps the Commons for the courts

Enfield and Southgate MP, Bambos Charalambous, showed off his winning drop shot, during an exhibition match marking the official opening of new floodlights at Conway Lawn Tennis Club, in Southgate. 

On a windswept Wednesday evening, the good sport partnered talented Conway junior Milada Suchkova against leading Middlesex County player Phil Sikman and another of the club’s leading juniors, Nikola Pandov. 

Thirty club members, volunteers, and local residents were on hand to watch the MP switch on the new low-energy LED floodlights on court 5, before picking up a raquet to take the ‘wild card’ spot. 

‘Clubs such as Conway Tennis are a real hub for the community, not only by promoting a healthier lifestyle, but also helping to bring people together’, Mr Charalambous said. 

Run by a committee of tennis-mad volunteers, Conway Lawn Tennis Club will celebrate its 100-year anniversary in 2025. During the pandemic, the family-friendly club doubled its membership, and launched Anna’s Courtside Café, selling delicious coffee and pastries alongside local artisanal bread. 

Head Coach Corinna Mirea, a former tennis professional, runs holiday camps for children, term-time lessons and adult coaching – clearly not necessary for the Labour stalwart who avoided all unforced errors.  

Game, set and match!

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