Our Approach to Inter-Club Matches

Tennis is a competitive sport. It’s also a great way to stay fit, meet people and have fun.

Conway Tennis Club has a fine history of match play against other clubs, mostly close-by but sometimes as far away as Highbury, Stoke Newington and Regents Park!

The Club enters teams in the Middlesex League for both summer and winter seasons. We play men’s, ladies, mixed and veterans’ matches, and aim to include as many teams as we can sustain. In the summer, teams have six players (three pairs) and in the winter four (two pairs). Veterans’ teams field two women and two men and play both single-sex and mixed sets. In every match, each team member plays a total of four sets.

Summer matches tend to start at 6.30pm and winter matches at 7pm on weekday evenings. Matches usually last around two and a half hours and are followed by supper and a drink. Vets matches are often played during the day at weekends, and finish with a light tea.

For each match, team members contribute a match fee – currently £7 (£5 for juniors). The fee covers the cost of new balls, floodlights and food. For home matches, normal practice is also to treat our guests to a drink, though additional bar costs are usually shared!

In recent years, Conway has also entered teams for the Aegon league and Middlesex Cup. These competitions provide opportunities for singles play. We also have a number of junior inter-club matches and tournaments each year.

We have an open approach to the formation of squads and teams. If interested in match play, you are warmly invited to contact our Club Captain, Men’s Captain or Ladies’ Captain. To help you find your feet, you’ll be invited to join social play or a team practice where senior captains can help you identify a suitable competitive level and put you in touch with the relevant team captain(s). For juniors, our Coach is the contact point.

We play to win – that’s the point, of course! That means that we try to ensure members play at a level where they can achieve that satisfaction. There are some advantages in forming stable teams and partnerships but, equally, our teams are open to new players to prove their worth and earn a regular place. So, when you start playing, you’ll be included in what seems to be the right squad and invited to say when you’re available to play. Our captains will agree collectively on the composition of squads before each new season starts. All being well, you can then expect to get a couple of games in your first season to get the feel of the style and level of competition. From there, of course, it’s onwards and upwards!

Enjoy battling for Conway and good luck.

Conway Committee and Captains